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Network Protection Chassis (2 and 12 Port Chassis)

             Shore's NPC 12 Port Chassis        Shore's NPC 2 Port Chassis

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General Features                                                                        

  • Auto Switch to Bypass on Loss of Connectivity and/or Appliance function
  • Auto Switch to Online on Restoration of Connectivity and/or Appliance function
  • Default Connection between SW and RT ports on Loss of Power via “Straight through Wire”® Technology (with optional optical bypass for fiber cards)
  • “Packet Spy” allows Switching to Bypass on Loss of Traffic Flow
  • External Watchdog trigger via SNMP
  • Capability to Force Port to Backup Condition
  • Enable/Disable of Automatic Switching (Manual Override)‏
  • Copper Physical Layer – 10/100/1000Mb
  • Fiber Physical Layer - 1000SX
  • Span Port Replication

 Firmware Features

Corporate System (Base) Enterprise System
  • "Straight through Wire"® Technology allows Zero Power Connectivity
  • Normal Mode- Port acts independently
  • Group Mode- Ports act as a group
  • Latch Mode- Stays in the Backup/Bypass state until manual restored
  • Enhanced Latch Mode- Latch is automatically released on failure of Backup link (Link Protection Only)
  • Reverse Mode- Reversed logic (Bypass/Backup ports are default)
  • Packet Spy- Backup /Bypass switchover triggered by lack of packets on active link
  • CRC Error Reporting
  • All Corporate System Features
  • Mirror Mode (Link Protection - cards provide Dual Output; Bypass - cards provide TAP function)
  • Slave Mode (Port)
  • Slave Mode (Group)
  • Multiple Unit Operation (Super Group)
  • Total Group Switch
  • External Watchdog Scripting
  • Packet Spy Plus- Connectivity through appliance verified by probe packets  (Bypass Only)
  • Fast Switchover via MAC address (Link Protection only


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